Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm impressed

I went out with a couple of girlfriends tonight. We decided to meet at The Mills and eat at Chevy's. Of course, I was worried. The only restaurants I have been to since starting the yeast-free diet is Taco Bell (crunchy tacos are safe) and Ponderosa. The Ponderosa experience was not pleasant, to say the least. When I asked the hostess about how the chicken was cooked, she was really annoyed with me. She went back and asked and said they put NOTHING on it. So I ordered it. I figured I could eat this and it wouldn't upset my stomach. Then I asked the waitress how the chicken was cooked. She told me they get it out of the package and I didn't hear anything else. I asked her to check the package and see if there was any gluten in the chicken. You have to be very careful - I guess sometimes they pump stuff into the chicken to plump it up. While the waitress said she didn't see anything like gluten, I wasn't 100% convinced but I gave it a try anyway. BIG MISTAKE. There must have been SOMETHING in the chicken. They seasoned it with salt and pepper but that was it. I confirmed this when it came out and looked like it had actually been seasoned though the hostess told me they put nothing on it. Don't get me wrong, the chicken tasted good. But my body disagreed. So no more Ponderosa. Sure I could have gotten a steak, but I don't typically like Ponderosa's steak and without being able to dip it in anything, I thought the chicken would be a better choice. Guess I should have gone with the steak.

But I digress. Back to Chevy's. The hostess actually overheard me talking to my friends about the diet and she volunteered a gluten-free menu! I was shocked. And super excited!! The menu described this sauce that they typically use when grilling some of their meats-which explained why some of the meats were gluten-free and some weren't. It has some sort of soy sauce in it. But the menu lists their salsa, chips, guacamole, sour cream, and a few salads/entrees. And I chose the chicken quesadilla. It was SO good! And my stomach has agreed with me this time. Overall, I was just really impressed with Chevy's. They fried my chips in a separate fryer, separate oil that had not been contaminated with any gluten. I was amazed. I wish ALL the restaurants offered that. It sure would make eating out a whole lot easier! So if you have a Chevy's in your area, and you are eating gluten-free, hopefully they will provide the same great service and help like the one at The Mills did for me.

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