Sunday, April 11, 2010

Makeovers happening everywhere

I shared this on my 'other' blog but I know not everyone here follows me there. By participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, I realized that my blog sucks! At least visually. I do believe that I have a lot to offer with regards to my struggle with weight and yeast and food, but I know next to nothing about templates and HTML and all the stuff that makes a blog LOOK good. But seeing all the cool layouts and blogs these last few days inspired me to learn at least a little bit. I found some free templates that will work for now, to spice up my blog some until I learn how to design my own. My husband also taught me a little HTML trick so that I can link/point back to something without the actual URL showing. So, I will probably go overboard and link everything for a while because I am so excited to have finally learned how to do that! I'll try to restrain myself though.


OK, enough of that. I mentioned yesterday I was going to start something on Wednesdays. To gear up for that, my husband also showed me how I could create this:

I'm still not giving it away yet, but here are a few hints:

Image found here

Image found here


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be interested to hear about your sugar, yeast and gluten-free journey. Certainly the stuff on my blog is not along those lines, but baking and decorating are my passion and I have to follow that. Looking forward to reading more! Take care.

  2. Oh believe me...the sugar-filled baking is my passion! But I am sort of being 'forced' by my poor health to make the change. My goal is to eventually make the same awesome tasting desserts I used to, only without the sugar and gluten. While I don't know how, I do believe it is possible.