Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yeast-free is a good theory

I'm pretty sure that I have consumed NOTHING at all today that was yeast-free. NOTHING. Between intense pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders and travelling from Indiana to St. Louis, my stomach was filled with so much junk. I told my husband I was done with this yo-yo. How many times have I been done??? Too many to count!

So is there anyone out there who thinks I can go a whole week sticking to my 'plan'? I'd like to be the first to say "Of course you can!" But I have so little faith in my ability to make good choices while I live in pain. :-(

Why can't I get past this 40 pound mark? I'm down 40 lbs. and can't seem to move past it. Don't get me wrong...I'm SO glad that I am at least maintaining! But it's like I have this mental block and can't lose more. Granted, my food choices certainly aren't helping and I realize that! But seeing that I am halfway to my goal should MOVE me towards better choices right?

*sigh*'s a new day and yet ANOTHER new chance to start over and make good choices.

Oh and if anyone is interested in some calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free food for you kids...check out my GIVEAWAY. Don't get too can't EAT it. Well, I suppose you could; it might have some fiber in it but I wouldn't suggest it!

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  1. Thanks for following through Friday Follow.

    Oh... and YOU CAN DO IT! It's just 40 more lbs :)

    Happy hump day!