Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Wednesday, Another Dirty Kitchen

We have been so busy this week that I have wanted nothing more than to just sit down and catch up on some of my favorite blogs tonight. Being "old" to blogging, but very, VERY new to this whole "blog community" I am just now finding out about all the great blogs (not to mention awesome bloggers!) out there. In fact, I've discovered that blogging, while it has always been therapeutic for me, is now also a hobby that I have fallen in love with. I never would have thought that possible. And yet here I am!

You know how I can prove that it has become an obsession and an increasingly enjoyable hobby for me?

I am on Facebook less and less, and am reading and writing more and more. For the mind alone this is a GOOD thing!!! Not to mention how great it is for my well-being, my growing confidence (at least in cooking with unfamiliar ingredients), and my mood. BLOGGING makes me happy. BAKING makes me happy.



That being said, I've been dreading tonight.


It's partly because I am unprepared. It's partly because I am feeling lazy. But I think it is mostly because my house is messy. Can anyone relate to wanting to sit around and do nothing when you are faced with the daunting task of cleaning??

If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand time:

Fortunately, my husband was gracious enough to unload the dishwasher and load it with the dirty dishes that had been strewn across the house. I still have 3 pans to wash and though they are Pampered Chef (thus translating into being "THE WORLD'S EASIEST TO CLEAN PANS EVER") I still don't want to tackle them. They will literally take 3 minutes, as most. My dining room table is also cluttered with school papers, school lunch items (drink boxes, bags of chips, bananas-all things ready to go into new lunches, not the trash from old ones).

Why can't I be as passionate about cleaning and laundry (don't even get me started on that nightmare!) as I am about cooking and writing?

**Side note-I swear if one more kid comes out here with one more stupid excuse for being out of bed I might scream!! Hey Olivia, I don't care that there is something gray on your thumb. It's called DIRT! Try washing your grimy little toddler hands every now and then!**

Sorry about that. I've been on edge all day. We had an "incident" last night that upset me terribly and it seems to be carrying over into every other area of my life today.

Family drama aside...let's get down to business before I come up with a million other excuses to put off mustering some Willpower tonight! Tonight I am going to do a bit of an experiment. I'm making a cheesecake, with no guidance from a recipe [*gasps in horror*].

I lie.

I am going to use part of a recipe for the crust.

Well, you know what?

No I'm not.

In addition to be on edge and in a bizarre mood today, I am also flighty and inconsistent. This could be interesting!!! I am going to do a little internet research to make sure that I cook the cheesecake for the appropriate time, but other than that, we're winging it!! I'll be back to report in a couple of hours!

Oh case you're wondering what chicken looks like on the grill when you have absolutely NO idea how to cook it:

In case you're wondering if it gets blacker, IT DOES. That WAS going to be my healthy yeast-free dinner tonight. Instead, it was this:

In case you're wondering, that is NOT yeast-free.

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