Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snickerdoodles...a review

I finally made them. Remember that recipe I posted not too long ago for Snickerdoodles that were gluten-free? I made them today. The first batch needed to cook longer. Of that I am almost sure. I don't know why I only baked them for the 10 minutes the recipe suggested. The first batch always takes longer. But by the time I realized how soft (thus crumbly) they were, it was too late to put them back in. They did 'set up' more as they cooled. As far as taste goes...they were mild. Good, but mild. Not very sweet at all, but I used Swerve in place of the sugar the recipe called for. The second batch I made set up much better-this time I baked them for 13 minutes. Again, they tasted good. I could see myself making them again if I just really needed to eat a cookie. However, I will say that they are not nearly as good as Snickerdoodles that are made with flour and sugar. This recipe used a combination of white rice flour and potato starch and overall the cookies did not taste like dirt or bark! So right away we have a winner! ;)

I think that I could definitely teach myself to love this cookie. It will take a lot of practice and a lot of retraining my brain and tongue, but I believe that I can grow to love the taste, especially since I don't really have the option (or the desire) to go back to the 'real' ones filled with fat and calories and ultimately death (white flour and sugar).

Overall I was pleased with the cookies. They were not nearly as sweet as I would have liked them, and perhaps next time I'll add just a little bit of agave nectar to the batter, but we'll see. The kids all liked them and best of all, they are safe for Olivia. I will be adding them to a list of acceptable cookies that I would consider baking and eating again, and considering I love to bake and I love to eat, if I will eat them, and they aren't filled with sugar and flour, they can't be *that* bad, can they? Anyone who wants to come and try one, come on over!

Here is the link again for the recipe. If you can have sugar, you can make them as is, and they will probably be a bit sweeter than mine turned out. But seeing as how sugar is out for me, as I said, I used Swerve (which does substitute cup for cup and is better for you than Splenda) and I really do believe I will grow to love these cookies.

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