Saturday, February 20, 2010

And we're back...

After much pleading from my children, who were probably tired of mommy being mean and cranky, I promised them last night that today would be the day. I'm back on track! This past week was insane! I worked almost 50 hours and felt like I was constantly 'going'. Last night, Katherine just kept looking at me and saying "Mommy!" whenever she saw me eating something I shouldn't have. And once again, after a week of eating whatever I wanted, I found myself with a pounding head and a mean and cranky attitude. Sugar is evil. I'm looking forward to ridding myself (once again) of the bad and starting to feel good again. You really don't realize how much the sugar and gluten affect you until you have experienced how good you can feel without them coursing through your body.

I mustered the strength last night to clean up the living room, kitchen and dining room. I knew that if it wasn't clean before today that I would have a really difficult time getting back to yeast-free. If my kitchen isn't clean, I don't cook. And if I don't cook, I eat what I can find on hand, and trust me...NONE of it is yeast-free. So with my kitchen clean, I got up this morning and made biscuits and gravy and sausage for the family. We all enjoyed the meal and I have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

I had to return my Robyn Ryberg book to the library last week. I already had a fine from it being overdue. They wouldn't let me renew it more than three times and I didn't even come close to getting all the recipes out of it that I wanted to try. I'll have to check it back out. Fortunately, I posted the recipes I 'converted' here on my blog so I was able to successfully make the biscuits this morning. I have another cookbook from the library called "The Candida Albicans Yeast-Free Cookbook". It doesn't look nearly as inviting as Robyn's book. In fact, I was just flipping through and the first recipe I landed on is called "Tongue Pate". I don't know what is in that and I don't care. I will NOT be making that! Gross....

And where on earth do I find powdered kelp? Mint sauce? What in the world am I going to put mint sauce on??? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I will be returning this cookbook soon. If it has strange ingredients in it that aren't easy to find, it is doubtful that I will even attempt the recipes. I need quick and easy. Why does all of this food have to be fancy? I'm not big on vegetables either. My kids like and eat more vegetables than my husband and me. But if it becomes too fancy (vegetable or not), no one in my house will touch it. As if eating yeast-free isn't hard enough, people have to make it more complex by designing recipes that have unusual (not to mention expensive) ingredients that take more time than most people have to spend cooking.

See this negativity here? It's from the nagging headache I still have and the constant state of irritation I am in...and I know without a doubt that it is from the non-yeast-free diet I have been adhering to over the last week. Though even in the best of circumstances I think this cookbook would annoy me. I am going to browse through it a little bit more to see if there is anything I would even consider making though before I return it. Maybe the dessert section will be better than the few pages I've already seen.

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