Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day #2

Two days back on track. I had a few coconut macaroons for breakfast and nachos for lunch. I still don't know where I stand on cheese and sour cream. When my doctor gave me the list of do's and don'ts (that looks weird but donts looks like it should be donuts but isn't) as far as eating goes, cheese was not on the list. Dairy was not on the list of things not to eat, and so based on that I still consume them. A lot of websites I've read through have said that cheese is bad and other dairy as well. It doesn't bother my stomach and with the infection itself gone, I am allowing myself cheese. I think with some things you just have to decide. I also know that at some point I could add certain foods back in to my diet as tolerable (based on my doctor's explanation of Candida), but I would rather keep them out and slip up from time to time than just allow things back in and slowly put the weight back on and get sick all over again.

I tried to have leftover biscuits and gravy for dinner tonight but it smelled gross and being as paranoid as I am, I was convinced they were spoiled or something. So I had part of an orange and that's it. I'm a little hungry right now but I am going to just pass on food for the night. I have leftover chicken parmesan and spaghetti squash to take for lunch tomorrow so I'm good there. This post is short...there's really nothing more yeast-free related so I will spare you boring details about the rest of my boring day.

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