Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pork Chops....

...that's what I decided on. Day two being back on the yeast-free diet has been...rough. Not impossible and I have triumphed. But there were moments when I wanted to say 'screw it!' and just eat whatever I wanted. Primarily because when I looked in the fridge, there was nothing quick and easy. When I looked in the freezer, the Totinos Party Pizzas were practically screaming my name! Then, as I was cleaning up the kitchen/dining room (you know so I could cook something since all my food requires work!), the Apple Jacks kept taunting me. But I resisted and even though it has taken longer, I thawed out some pork chops and they are now sizzling in the pan. Unfortunately, the timing is such that my husband will be home any minute, and I only thawed out enough for myself! He isn't going to be too thrilled about it, but knowing me, I'll feel sorry for him and let him eat a bite or two. Maybe. I am pretty hungry.

I'm finding myself feeling very sluggish. I came to the brilliant conclusion today that the reason is because my body doesn't know how to react without all of that sugar and gluten. Well, technically I suppose it does know how to shuts down! Hopefully in another day or two that will cease and I'll start to feel a little more energy.

I have a little piece of advice for anyone just beginning a yeast-free journey. DO NOT STOP! Because if you do, it will be much harder the second time around, trying to rid your body of all the 'bad' stuff. Trust me. I learned this first hand. I think I convinced myself that because it was so easy for me the first time around that I could 'slip up' and it would be simple to go back to it. It was NOT. It IS not. It's a constant struggle, making the right choices, especially when you're a procrastinator like me who is never prepared!

As a side note, I found some regular round crackers and some goldfish-type crackers at Whole Foods last night without hydrogenated soy bean oil in them, so I finally have something quick and easy for Olivia. She seems to enjoy jelly and cracker sandwiches. Throw in some raisins and the soy bean oil free goldfish and she's good to go! It's the little things in life...

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