Thursday, March 11, 2010

A fear of Quinoa

Back in October when I was diagnosed with Candida, I wrote about a cookbook that I essentially hated. Everything in it (it seemed to me) used Quinoa flour. So in an attempt to follow to the strict yeast-free rules, I bought some Quinoa flour. And then I proceeded to make Quinoa Carob Cookies and Quinoa Muffins of some sort that aren't worthy of remembering. All I know is that they all tasted like dirt (or as my husband said: bark). Because of these failed attempts to make anything worth putting in my mouth, I decided that I hated Quinoa. Everything Quinoa. I was unwilling to give it any more chances. In fact, that same bag I bought back in October is still sitting in the back of my cupboard, untouched!

But not too long ago I was talking with a friend about Quinoa pasta, versus using spaghetti squash. I wanted to have another option. Spaghetti squash is great, but it isn't exactly 'quick'. Yeah I can nuke it in the microwave, but it doesn't always cook evenly and so I end up losing half of the squash. But my friend April (thanks by the way because I know you're reading this!) told me that she uses Quinoa pasta and her family likes it. I've had this in the back of my mind for over a month now. I kept thinking I should buy some and try it. Well, finally at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago, I found a box of linguine noodles made out of Quinoa and corn. So I bought it, and then I tucked it away in my cabinet, waiting for an opportunity to use it.

Tonight was that opportunity. Actually, I was afraid I would have to use the box of angel hair pasta I had on hand because I couldn't find where I tucked the Quinoa linguine away!! But fortunately I found it and cooked it as instructed.

I have a confession. I LIKED IT!!! It was really good and it didn't taste weird like I thought it would. It was great! I cannot wait to get the elbow macaroni and other pastas--it really does open up a whole new array of options for eating yeast-free.

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