Monday, March 29, 2010

No sleep tonight

I can always tell when I am not going to fall asleep and get the rest my body needs. One of the symptoms of Candida is insomnia. I have had problems sleeping for years. Problems falling asleep. Problems staying asleep. It really very frustrating. I take a Melatonin (to help me stay asleep) and a Xanax (to keep my mind from racing), along with an over-the-counter sleep aid (to help me fall asleep). Typically (when I am NOT eating right), it knocks me out after about 2-3 hours. So I try to take it early and time it so that if I want to fall asleep at 10pm, I can. But tonight is one of those nights that the medicine isn't working, and I really do believe it is because I have cut out the sugar and gluten. I took my little concoction around 7:30pm. There is NO reason for me to still be awake. But for whatever reason, my sleep pattern is actually WORSE without all the yeast-filled, unhealthy goodness. It's a fairly small price to pay for being healthy and feeling a LOT better mentally and physically. HOWEVER...on a nightly basis, it is extremely annoying. Why can't I sleep like a normal person?? Sometimes I think I am just destined to not sleep at night. I can't remember the last time I slept and didn't wake up 2-3 times during the night. Even with all my sleep assistance, I still wake up during the night. I've tried taking Valerian Root, which smells awful so that didn't last long! Anyone have any suggestions??

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