Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Confessional

I love Friday Confessional. More because I love reading all the clever and funny confessions...but also because I need some accountability with this whole "failing to eat yeast-free lifestyle" thing and this is a great way to be honest about my failings.

I confess that in the last week I have:

-Eaten WAY more yeast-filled foods than I have in a long time.
-Drank WAY more Diet Dr. Pepper than I have in the whole past 6 months
-Gained four pounds (this has been accomplished over the last month-not just the last week)
-Spent WAY more time writing and reading blogs this week when I should have been working, most of the time while snacking on junk!

This is my cycle. My vicious, crazy, gluttonous cycle! It's time for drastic measures to be taken. Starting Sunday night (after our Mother's Day celebrations of course!) I am putting myself into rehab. Seeing as how I have four kids and a full-time job, I can't go into a typical rehab, plus do they have those for food addicts? Probably.

However, I am going to try something I have done in the past. It isn't about the food either. It's about shifting my focus. I KNOW what I need to eat. I know what I DON'T need to eat. What I struggle with is self-gratification. THIS is what needs to change. Setting Captives Free has a 60-day Bible study/online course called the Lord's Table and I am sentencing myself to 60 days of rehab there. I need to reign myself back in and put the focus back where it belongs: ON GOD!


  1. Right on! I'm totally willing to sit back and watch you while I snack on junk. :)

  2. Why is it that I need to snack while I'm online? It seems like its mandatory for me lately-although when I think about it, its pretty gross. Good luck with your resolutions!