Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Lord's Table - Day 5

OH MY GOSH! THE CINNAMON BUN MUFFINS (see previous post) WERE A HUGE HIT!! They were all gone by 8am this morning! The kids and my husband loved them. I doubled the recipe, put less into each cupcake liner and got 24 out of it tonight. Cannot wait to take them to work and trick people into eating something yeast-free that tastes like Betty Crocker!

It isn't my intention to write about each day during my 60 days of 'tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.' So if I miss a day or two writing about it, it isn't because I skipped it or screwed it up! The last couple of days nothing has struck me as something I wanted to share with you. I'm still doing well and excited about giving control back to God and treating this body as His temple.

Something that struck me during day 5 (though I've known it and forget it all the time) was this:

"Food is not the problem; indulging the flesh is."

Ain't that the truth!!! Of course, for me, food is also a problem since an overabundance of yeast-y foods will lead to yeast overgrowth for me, but I like the thought behind this. They were talking about all the things we are told NOT to eat. But instead of focusing on what we should or shouldn't eat, we should be focusing on God, and not what the flesh wants.

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