Monday, April 5, 2010

Chinese and O'Charleys

See title. Those were my weaknesses over the weekend. While I managed to resist the Thin Mints during the day Friday, we had a LOST party at my mother-in-law's house to catch up on the two episodes we were behind and so we ordered Chinese. My sugar intake was limited but the fried rice, not so much. On Saturday I did pretty good, with the exception of putting barbecue sauce on the pork steaks I grilled. When first diagnosed with Candida, my doctor told me that once the infection was gone I could introduce some foods back into my diet. I don't know what that looks like or how you decided which ones, but if I could choose any, I would choose vinegar (for the salad dressings, BBQ sauce and condiments). Unfortunately the BBQ sauce and ketchup both have sugar and/or corn syrup in them and these are definitely things I want to keep out of my body. So how do I decide what is OK to add back in and what isn't? The simplest answer would probably be to make an appointment with my doctor and just ask her! But I don't work near her anymore so it is about a 40 minute drive to go see her.

Yesterday we went to Easter dinner at O'Charley's. And I'll admit it. I partook in their delightful little rolls. I had a small amount (like 5 bites) of salad with ranch dressing, 2 ribs (w/BBQ sauce), half of a BBQ chicken tender, and some broccoli cheese casserole. It wasn't overkill, and I set my mind and am determined to not allow myself to take a week or two or three off of the Candida diet. I follow it more loosely than some things I have read. Dairy was not on my list of foods to avoid, and so I allow myself to have it in small amounts. I don't see how I could survive without it, though I am sure it's possible!

Today it's right back to the hard work and discipline. I'm getting ready to make some oatmeal and will enjoy that. That is also something I allow myself now that my infection is gone. It was on the list of grains I might 'want' to avoid and so I did avoid it in the beginning. But it doesn't bother me at all and so I eat it. I just sweeten it with agave nectar or Swerve now instead of sugar. I took the day off work today, primarily because my kids are off school, but also because I didn't want to have to try to fit in 8 hours of work with the four of them all running around and fighting. So soon here we are going to head out to the Y so I can battle with the elliptical. I can't consistently go beyond 10 minutes and I have to push myself hard just to do that. But I do my 10 minutes and then switch to the bike. I've added some of the weight machines in as well and so I have a good routine down.

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