Friday, April 2, 2010


Part of my job is dealing with insurance/TPA vendors. And from time to time they send us gifts. They are usually office supply related. At Christmas however, they tend to send in cookies and fruit baskets and all sorts of other BAD stuff. There is one particular vendor (we call them IA's) who I never use, primarily because their services are so expensive. Today, a package arrived from this company. And as you have probably guessed from the title, they sent us Thin Mints. FOUR BOXES OF THIN MINTS. At first, I was thinking "Well, I should just go ahead and thank this IA by eating a sleeve of them!" And then there was that part of me that said "If you do that, you'll be screwed for the entire weekend" - because I have little to no self-control. So I resisted initially. But I kept thinking about them. They were there, taunting me. And other people in the office were eating them. I kid you not, before any boxes were opened, I could already smell them!

Today was probably one of the biggest food temptations I have faced in a LONG time. I wanted those cookies. I desired them. I craved them. I felt like I NEEDED them. Mentally and emotionally, I did need them, as I have not yet learned how to NEED God in those times of weakness and consume His bread of life when I need to cope with everyday life. Beyond that, I WANTED THEM with every bone in my body. I am not exaggerating. I kept sitting here, warring in my mind and heart, trying to think of how I could justify (to you loyal readers) why I gave in. This continued for quite some time and I somewhat self-consciously stopped thinking about the cookies and threw myself into my work. I plowed through tasks that weren't even my own to keep myself from thinking about those evil little bites of goodness.

Here I sit...2 hours later...having consumed NONE! I feel slightly victorious. I don't want to proclaim ultimate victory, as I am still at work for 2 more hours and the cookies are still here. But I feel stronger now, and I do not crave them quite as strongly as I did two hours ago. I'm feeling good and hopeful. I CAN resist temptation, even temptation in the form of minty pieces of heaven in my mouth! I feel confident that I will be able to resist them longer still and know that when I step on the scale on Sunday, I will be thrilled with the results of this last week of very difficult work and won't feel guilty for having given over to the lust I was feeling for those Thin Mints.

GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA--CURSE YOU!! Your cookies just should not be THAT good!!! Don't even get me started on the Dulce de Leche and Samoas.

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