Sunday, May 2, 2010


This week WILL be different. At the very least...dinner will be different (baby steps right?). I went shopping tonight and am *mostly* ready for a week of yeast-free dinners.

Life As Mom has had some great posts recently about freezer cooking. For once, I didn't just read about it and think "I'd like to try that sometime" and then never get around to it. I actually did it! I froze pork, chicken for two meals and steaks in their own marinades. AND...while I was at it, I got a roast, potatoes and carrots ready in the crock pot for dinner tomorrow night. It's those things that make me feel really good about myself and the future of being successful and making the right, good decisions.

Unfortunately, I was out of energy and motivation by the time I finished all of that to make anything for desserts or snacks throughout the week. Maybe tomorrow night? On the bright side, I still have 8 Cinnamon Apple Muffins left from my baking session Thursday night. I've frozen them, 2 per bag and just thaw them out the night before so that I am prepared for breakfast and can eat those instead of caving to the McD's bacon, egg and cheese biscuit that always calls out to me. I WILL make another batch of those this week sometime, but I haven't decided what I will use in place of the apple. I am contemplating pumpkin. I did buy bananas today though so if they are over-ripe by the end of the week I may go for banana/walnut instead.

I'm just going to obsess here for a moment. I love, Love, LOVE Pampered Chef seasonings and rubs. Does anyone else out there use these? I used the last of my Sweet & Smokey Barbecue Rub tonight in a chicken marinade and am almost out of my Italian Seasoning. These rubs and seasonings have the perfect amount (and combination of) flavors. The Pampered Chef has THE BEST Peppercorn & Garlic Rub. It is awesome on steaks and roasts. I was pretty bummed that I was out of that one when I went to prepare tomorrow night's roast. I suppose it's time to place another order. Oh addition to the seasonings, if you have not tried the Garlic-Infused Canola Oil, I cannot say ENOUGH good things! I cannot live without this! And while I can't 'advertise' here on my blog, I know someone that can get you your own Pampered Chef seasonings and rubs. Just email me if you are interested...love2cook05(at)gmail(dot)com. You won't regret it!

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